Super Socks

Molly's little sister, Katie, was born with Down syndrome. That's never stopped her from doing anything! She helps with chores, makes new friends, and every morning helps Molly pick out the wackiest mis-matchiest socks she can find to wear to school!

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“The pure imagination and attention to small details is refreshing and different. We are all different, but for those who seem to be a little more different than expected, it is often a difficult journey. This is a wonderful exploration of the importance of patience and true understanding, and of the rich and comforting internal worlds of special needs children. Thanks, Connie.”
Kevin Collabucci
Special Olympics Coach, and parent of a special needs child
“This is such an endearing, insightful, special little book about the joys and struggles of having a sibling with special needs. A joy to read!”
Cheri Glover
Artist, and mom of a child with autism
“In Super Socks, Connie Bowman shows us a portrait of what it is like to live and learn with someone who has a disability. This book is wonderful for all students and will help promote awareness and the importance of acceptance.”
Dana Beyer
Teacher of students with learning disabilities

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About the Author

Author Connie Bowman

Connie Bowman is an actress and voiceover talent, as well as the author of two previous books: Back to Happy and Beau’s Day Care Day. She lives in Maryland with her husband and chocolate lab, Sophie, and enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, running, and teaching yoga.

About the Illustrator

Illustrator Kelly O'Neill

Kelly O’Neill loves to tell stories through cute, fun, and whimsical imagery. She earned a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University in 2017, and currently resides in Princeton, NJ, where she works creating illustrations for children’s books.